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Ms Circle, Heating Galvanic Skincare Massager

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Multi-functional Skincare Device

│ Introduction │

Ms Circle is a compact-sized multi-functional skincare device especially forhome-using with functions of Heating(42℃) / Electrotherapy / Vibration / Color Therapy, which help wrinklecare and elasticity for skin.



Function : Heating(42℃) / Electrotherapy / Vibration / Color Therapy
Modes : 1.Heating 2.Whitening 3.Anti-aging 4.Lifting Massage
Size : 72 x 72 x 52 (mm)
Material : ABS, Stainless Steal, Rhodium Plating
Power : Li-ion 3.7V / 1,445 mAh
Charger : D.C 5.0~5.3V / 500 mAh (Micro USB Cable)


│ Heating Function │


1. The Secret of 42°C
2. HSP(Heat Shock Protein)
3. HSP70 for Cell Protection & Wrinkle Care
4. HSP47 for Production of Collagen

-When the skin temperature reaches up to 42°C, HSP(Heat Shock Protein) inside the skin is increased.
(Source: Journal of “Investigative Dermatology” published by the Saishunkan Co., Ltd. and Keio, Kumamoto, and Nagoya University )

-There are many different types of HSP. Among them, HSP70 and HSP47 are beneficial for human skins as followings.

1. HSP70: (1) Strong cell protection effect
     (2) Wrinkle-care effect against UV rays.
     (3) Decreasing of the protein that reduces collagen

2. HSP47: (1) Production of collagen
     (2) Preventing wrinkles from high temperature

│ Electrotherapy Function │


1. Electric Pulse
Iontophoresis* + Electric Pulse by ms egg = More effective for skincare:
Whitening effect by balancing PH value in skin
Improving of skin elasticity and caring of wrinkles on the face.
Anti-aging effect for aged skins by regenerating collgens

2. Micro-Current Treatment
A type of electric pulse which has no stimulation and has below wave patterns for wrinkle care and lifting of the skin

│ Micro-Vibration Function │


Stimulation on to Blood Vessels
Improving Blood Circulation
Good Effect for Wrinkle-Care & Lifting

The ‘heating head’ of Ms Circle is rounded and smooth, providing micro-vibrations to thin skin of the face, neck, and other skin part.
In order to improve the effects, use with following directions:

Gently press the heating head of device with skin care lotions along the chin line.
Stimulate skin with a moving from the ears to the lower chin. Also use on the temples.
On the cheekbones, begin the massage from the center to outward
Especially, the lower part of the cheekbones is where the skin wastes are easy to be accumulated, massage there with a motion of circular direction.
Massage the nasolabial fold upwards.

│ Color Therapy Function │


1) Yellow Color with 560nm|
Helps in balancing the digestive system, activates the lymphatic and immune systems

2) Red Color with 640nm
Improving blood circulation+skin elasticity (by increasing energy)

3) Blue Color with 460nm
Soothing and relaxing effect & restoring for both tired body and mind
=> Good Effect for Rejuvenation of the Skin

│ Rhodium Plating │

- Safety : The metal head of Ms Circle is plated by Rhodium that is very human-friendly, so there’s no side effect or metal allergy for the skin.

- Solidity: Rhodium is a white gold-colored solid rare metal and has good corrosion-resistance and durability, so it is usually plated for luxury watch and jewels, etc.

│ Double Temperature-Control System │

This device is for skin, and there should not be any danger of being burned.
The safety of ms egg comes with double temperature control system with thermistor and bimetal.

Thermistor :
Temperature is to be controlled by the thermistor*
Temperature will be kept at 42℃ by the thermistor.
The resistant error is ±5%, and the temperature error is controlled to be less than ±5%.
Thermistor: Semiconductor circuit element with electric resistance depending on temperature.

Bimetal :
The easiest way to control electricity depending on temperature
When the internal temperature increases, the battery, motor, and other parts will also be damaged. Before all parts are affected, bimetal makes the device shut down.

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We are waiting for your inquries of partnership to produce beauty devices creating a synergy effect with your cosmetics.


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Ms Circle_ Heating Galvanic Skincare Massager