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Ms Neck, Heating Galvanic Skincare Massager

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Skin care device especially for neck & chin


│ Specification │

- IR (Infrared Ray) : 840nm
- Color Therapy : Red LED (640nm) / Blue LED (450nm)
- Vibration Therapy : 125Hz ~ 250Hz
- Controller : 3 Mode (Neck / Chin / Relax / Face)
- 4 Vibration (None / Low / Mid / High)
- Charger : Micro 5Pin USB Cable

│ Function │

Smooth Neck Line, Slim & Firm V-line Face

Vibration Therapy
Stimulation on Blood Circulation => Increase of Energy which is flowed into the Skin Increase of Skin Elasticity by developing fine muscles

Color Therapy
450nm’s Blue Color gives Soothing Effect on Pimple and Acne
640 nm’s Red Color gives Cell Growth and Stimulation on Blood Circulation

IR (Infrared Ray)
840nm’s Near-Infrared Ray vitalizes Cell Restoration Mechanism
The Effect was proved after being applied to NASA(National Aeronautics & Space Administration) and US Navy Special Force




│ Vibration Therapy │

Vibration is Treatment Method for Physical Treatment, Rehabilitation Treatment, and Injury, etc.

-. Good effect for increasing of strength of fine muscles, bone density, blood circulation, lymph circulation, and basal metabolism
-. Good effect for decreasing of pain, tiredness, cortisol*, blood pressure, fat, and cellulite
-. Applied to the supportive program for Russian Astronauts for the purpose of increasing of muscles strength and bone density
(About 300 days longer in staying in space)
-. Better inflow of nutrients and hormone to the damaged tissue due to improving of blood supply by increasing fine muscles, nerve, and blood circulation

Cortisol* : Substance secreted by acute stress, which plays a role in supplying necessary energy against the stress

│ Color Therapy │

Color Therapy is based on the fact that color energy flowed in through the eyes and skin helps the function of body organs

-. Originated from the reference that Ancient Egyptians used the color of the Sun for treatment of disease
-. Used to reduce stress
-. Widely applied in Psychology and Business
* Ms Neck applies blue & red color and IR(Infrared Ray)

│ Blue Color │

The Color giving us Soothing and Relaxing mentally.
Restoring for both Tired Body and Mind.
Reducing Effect for Tension and Anxiety.
Moisture Supply to cells.
Cell Protection and Fast Healing after Injury.
Speed Up for Formation of Dead Skin Cell.
Sterilizing Effect & Reducing of Production of Sebum.

│ Red Color │

The Color with a Long Wavelength giving us Life Energy.
Good Effect for Cheering Up the Body and Mind by Increasing Passion and Energy.
Increasing of Blood Circulation [Partly].
Improving of the Metabolism of Subcutaneous Fat.
Improving of Skin Elasticity & Wound Healing.
Reducing of Cellulites.

│ Infrared Ray │

Invisible Ray.
Called as Heat Rays due to more Heat Behaviour than Visible or UV rays.
Wound Healing Effect by Energy Rising inside of Cells & Vitalizing of Cell Restoration Mechanism.
Fast Healing Effect from the Injuries in the Mouth
(Fast Growth rate of 150~200% in Skin & Muscle Cells).
Improving by 40% in Treatment for US Navy Special Force
(Reported by Milwaukee Wisconsin Medical School).
The Effect was proved after being applied to NASA(National Aeronautics & Space Administration)

│ Optimized Color Therapy & IR │

The Longer the Wavelength is, the Deeper the Rays penetrate into the Skin

Epidermis : 450nm’s Blue Color gives Soothing Effect on inflammation, such as pimple and Acne!
Hypodermis : 640nm’ Red Color promotes the Restoration of Collagen, Elastin, and Hyaluronic Acid!

Subcutaneous Tissue : 840nm’s Infrared Ray vitalizes the Cell Restoration Mechanism by Stimulation of Blood Vessels!




│ Unique Controller = Skincare Device │

The Controller for Ms Neck is also another skincare device.
-. You can use both Ms Neck and its controller at the same time.
-. You can use the controller for your skin after the connecting cable is detached.

The Controller of the Ms Neck is NOT just for operating of the device!

-. The controller is another type of skincare device with the function of ;
Electro-therapy using Galvanic effect
Micro Vibration therapy

-. Skincare Effects ;
Electro-therapy & Vibration therapy stimulate the fine muscles and blood circulation in skin by delivering active ingredients of cosmetics deep into the skin.

Enjoy the Use the Controller for both operating and massaging!

│ Electrotherapy │

When the micro-current is applied to the skin, the horny layer is temporarily opened, so that the active ingredients of cosmetics can be delivered deep into the skin.
This is more effective than just applying the lotion directly to the skin.

│ Micro-vibration │

The micro-vibration of 125~250Hz improves the blood circulation, so that the energy flowed into the skin is increased.
=> Skin Elasticity

It stimulates the fine muscles and peripheral blood vessels inside skin.
=> Skin Elasticity

Mirang is also specialised in beauty device OEM / ODM.
We are waiting for your inquries of partnership to produce beauty devices creating a synergy effect with your cosmetics.


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Ms Neck_ Heating Galvanic Skincare Massager

Ms Neck_ Heating Galvanic Skincare Massager

Ms Neck_ Heating Galvanic Skincare Massager